The Truth Behind the Massachusetts Anti-Cannabis PSA: Cannabis reform is on many ballots this upcoming election. Unfortunately, not everyone is too happy with that. A PSA in Massachusetts aired on television recently in an attempt to sway voters against Question 4, a marijuana legalization initiative.

In the PSA, a mother and her daughter pull up to a toy store only to find out a dispensary has moved in next door. The fake dispensary has “CANNABIS” written on the front with candy-like edibles sitting in the window next to what appears to be a large container of weed. For those of us who have actually seen a dispensary, this seems preposterous. However, this demonized view of “pot shops” may ring true with some of the more naive voters in Massachusetts.

Weedly Mart has not taken an official stance on Question 4 in Massachusetts but we are definitely against fear-mongering propaganda like this bogus PSA. Truth and education are the best weapons in the fight against prohibition. Watch the video above to see the PSA and Izzy Blaze’s reaction.