How to Make Medicated Apple Cider and Eggnog: Want to get stoned over the holidays but can’t light up a joint in front of your family? We got you covered! Izzy breaks down the easiest and most discreet way to get high for the holidays: making medicated apple cider and eggnog.

1/4 oz. (7 grams) of cannabis
1 cup Coconut Oil
Apple Cider
Strainer or Cheesecloth
1 Pan or Pot
1 Cooking tray
Aluminum foil
Step 1: Decarboxylate your Cannabis
Decarbing your bud is a simple process. For a step-by-step tutorial, check out our blog article here.

Step 2: Mix the Coconut Oil and Cannabis
Add about 1 inch of water to your pot/pan and heat it to a simmer. Then add 1 cup of cocnut oil and stir until the coconut oil completely dissolves into the water. Add your 7 grams of decarbed bud to the mix and simmer for 45 minutes. Stir occasionally.

Step 3: Strain the Mix
Strain the mix into any container large enough to contain the final product. To do this, pour the mix through a strainer/cheesecloth into your chosen container. There should be no cannabis buds in the final mix. Use a spoon or your fingers to squish every last bit of oil out of the buds.

Step 4: Refrigerate the Oil
For best results, refrigerate the oil overnight. However, you may freeze the oil for a shorter period of time if you so choose. Just be sure the mix doesn’t freeze over!

Step 5: Mix the Oil with your Holiday Beverage
Heat up your beverage of choice and drop a spoonful of your canna-oil into the mix. Stir until the oil has completely dissolved into the beverage.

Step 6: Pour and Enjoy!
Pour the mix into a glass and voila! Your medicated holiday drink is ready.