Patients suffering from qualifying conditions have been permitted to use and possess non-psychoactive CBD oil in Utah since 2014. Since then, support for the legalization of medical cannabis has increased steadily in the Beehive State. Lawmakers have introduced legislation the last couple of sessions and Governor Gary Herbert has even expressed that he is open to legalizing the plant for medicinal use.

None of the medical legalization bills have been approved by lawmakers, but a bill to permit cannabinoid research in clinical trials was just approved. In a celebrated move, Governor Gary Herbert signed the bill into law. HB0130 Cannabinoid Medicine Research, sponsored by Rep. Brad M. Daw and Sen.Evan J. Vickers, received overwhelming support in both the Senate and the House before landing on Gov. Herbert’s desk.

This is an exciting development because human subjects will be able to test the medicinal properties of cannabis and cannabinoid products like CBD oil. The law also forms the Cannabinoid Product Board, a group of experts responsible for establishing regulations regarding “qualifying medical conditions, dosage amounts and forms, interactions with other treatments, and develop guidelines for physicians who recommend treatment with a cannabinoid product.”

Under the new law, the research team conducting the trials will be able to import and distribute the cannabis product being tested. This also means that the patients participating in the studies regulated by the board can possess the cannabis or the cannabinoid product being tested without fear of prosecution.