Let’s face it- life can be hard and stressful with all of its “adult responsibilities” bestowed upon us. Some days it feels like we just get up to go to work, pay the bills and hope to get one hour of solitude in before rinsing and repeating in what I call the “adult life cycle”.

The good news is that you don’t have to let stress get in your way when you have cannabis — nature’s very own way of saying “don’t worry; be happy”. Forget about the daily grind and take a gander at these six amazing ways you can relieve stress with cannabis (in no particular order):

Netflix and chill

Call it what you will, one of the most relaxing (and fun!) pastime activities on the face of Snoop’s green earth has to be watching your favorite shows on the ‘Flix with your preferred partner in crime while sharing a fat bowl of greens. Nothing says “suck it, life!” more than succumbing to the simple pleasures.

Topical body massages

If you’ve never had a full body massage with a cannabinoid-packed topical, stop what you’re doing and get on it because it will change your life. Cannabis topical creams and ointments produce incredibly relaxing results by soaking into the skin and binding with your endocannabinoid receptors, giving your whole body the tingly jinglies while the stress just melts away.

Cannabis and crafts

There are tons of fun hobbies and crafts to get into if you’re looking for a way to let your creative juices flow. Try taking a pottery class or one of the wildly entertaining “Puff Pass & Paint” sessions that mix cannabis with creativity. Nothing is more satisfying than creating crafty masterpieces while getting baked like your mama’s lasagna.

Running high

Staying active is one of the keys to reducing stress, so if you’re a runner or hiker (or want to start), perhaps popping an edible and going for a jaunt is in your cards. Long distance ultra-marathon gods like Avery Collins not only take copious amounts of edibles before going on 5k “warm-up” runs in order to make it more fun, but also to alleviate aches and pains associated with treating his body like a machine day-in, day-out.

Smack some balls around

Not a golfer? Fret not, because once you’ve tried “aqua golf” with your favorite strain inhabiting your body, you’ll wish you had tried this years ago. There’s something extremely relaxing about hitting floating balls into a body of water and knowing you’re not the one who has to go get them.

Comedy and cannabis

It’s no secret that most comedians smoke weed. A LOT of weed. How else could they possibly come up with films about a teacher going to prison for feeding a diabetic police horse sugar-laden munchies? (Looking at you, Dave Chapelle)

Check out who’s coming to town at your local comedy club and buy some tickets (and a whole lot of reefer) for you and your crew. The more stoned you get, the more appreciative the comic will be when you’re the only ones laughing at even their lamest of jokes.