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Author: Weedly Mart

Marijuana Tea Recipe

Sipping on a cup of marijuana tea can be the ultimate way to induce relaxation, or it can be used to invigorate the senses. This recipe relieves tension and stress while also providing psychoactive effects because marijuana infused milk is used.

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Cannabis Makes Sex Feel Better

Cannabis in the bedroom? Yes, please. All-natural aphrodisiacs come in different shapes and sizes, from slimy oysters to dried beetles (Spanish fly). In the arena of plant-based sexual stimulators, cannabis is right up there with sweet basil and fenugreek. But how does the herb affect sex and how much should individuals consume to go from zero to king or queen of the bedroom? Find out below! Stimulating the Endocannabinoid System The plant’s effects on the endocannabinoid system is largely responsible for heightened levels of pleasure experienced during sex. After consumption, one’s mind becomes more sensitive to touch, memory, cognition,...

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Benefits of Using Cannabis as a Rotation Crop in Farming

Diversity is key to keeping agricultural land nutrient-rich and sustainable for farming. Cultivators who do not take the devastating effects of mono-cropping, the practice of growing the same crop year after year, into consideration are prone to being left with weak, infertile soil. Because of this, farmers must utilize harmful chemical fertilizers and other unnatural methods to ensure conduciveness and consistent crop yields. Breaking the vicious cycle that comes with mono-cropping requires planting companion crops after a certain period (rotation cropping) or simultaneously planting various companion crops on the same field (inter cropping). Today, we’ll explore both options for outdoor growers who are interested in long-term cannabis cultivation strategies. Rotating Cannabis Cannabis (hemp) is an incredible rotation crop that offers a plethora of benefits for seasonal farmers. According to a study published by bio-tech consultancy firm Nova Institute, the robust plant is capable of deterring the growth of parasitic nematodes (when rotated with soy) and fungi. Furthermore, using cannabis as a rotation crop allows farmers to streamline compliance with organic growing standards. From a long-term perspective, the prevalent herb can help cultivators on a tight budget by keeping soil fertile without the use of toxic herbicides. Does rotating cannabis really improve crop yields? Previous reports by Bócsa and Karus (1998) suggest this practice offers economic advantages for commercial farmers. Researchers planted wheat after cultivating hemp, which resulted in increased...

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Argentina to Provide Free Medical Cannabis to Patients

Two weeks ago, the government of Argentina gained final legislative approval of a bill allowing for the medicinal use of cannabis oil. This legislation also permits cannabis to be grown for both research and therapeutic purposes. The unanimously approved bill helps to establish a means for scientific exploration of the effectiveness of marijuana to treat numerous diseases, as well as a way for Argentina to provide medical cannabis to patients free of charge. This bill, having already been passed by the Argentinian House of Representatives last November, was championed by a group of 136 families. These families were attempting...

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High Notes: A Closer Look at the Relationship Between Cannabis and Music

Cannabis and music is a powerful, transcending combination that can breathe life to one’s mind and body after a long day. Try cuing your favorite song that you’ve heard thousands of times while under the influence and it’s like you’re hearing the track again for the first time. Beats sound heavier, high frequencies whisper smoothly into your ear and vocals seem like they’re speaking directly to your curious soul. “We don’t usually think of feeling music, we think of hearing it. But when people speak about listening to music while using cannabis, they describe it as richer, more textured; it has more depth,” said Joe Dolce, author of Brave New Weed. This surreal experience makes cannabis one of the most unique plants on the planet. Read on to learn about how cannabis affects the way you listen to music and hear the world around you. Enhancing Auditory Perception The synergistic relationship between cannabis and music can be traced to the herb’s cerebral effects. During consumption, cannabis targets one’s brain receptors, resulting in heightened sensitivity and awareness. When it comes to specific sound-waves, scientists from a 1974 study observed individuals displaying signs of sensitivity to high frequencies above 6,000 Hz. High frequency ranges are known for providing information about the location of the sound source. Interestingly, this phenomenon also supports the beneficial aspects of cannabis for people suffering from high...

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